Adding a Background Watermark to Reports

A watermark is text that appears in the background of a report. You can specify a string to use as a watermark for all reports in the file. For example, you may add a watermark that reads "CONFIDENTIAL" to reports.

Note: Vocera Report Server supports a text watermark only. You cannot select an image file to use for a watermark. You cannot specify the typeface, font size, color, transparency, or layout of the watermark text in the Report Console. However, if you use Crystal Reports to customize a report or create your own report, you can format the report's watermark as you choose.

Use the following steps to specify watermark text for all reports:

  1. Open the file VOCERA_DRIVE:\Vocera\reports\ in a text editor.
  2. Add the following line:

       Watermark = WatermarkText

    where WatermarkText is a string. Do not enclose the value in quotes. Keep the watermark text short (no more than 50 characters); otherwise, the text may be truncated.

    Note: The name of the Watermark property, like all properties in the file, is case-sensitive. Make sure you type it correctly.
  3. Save and close the file.