Adding or Editing a Report Package

Information in a report package is organized into multiple categories, each with its own page in the Add/Edit Package Schedule dialog box.

To add or edit a report package:

  1. Click Report Scheduler in the navigation bar.

  2. Click Add New Package to create a report package, or select a report package from the list and click Edit Package to edit an existing report package.

  3. The Add/Edit Package Schedule dialog box opens. Add or edit data as appropriate.

    • Package Information page – Specify basic report package information.

    • Schedule Information page – Specify schedule information.

    • Default Parameters page – Specify default report parameters to use for all reports added to the package.

    • Report List page – Specify the reports contained in the package, and set the date range and parameters for reports.

    • Report Destination page – Specify the destination of the package (email, disk, or both).

  4. When you are finished defining the report package, click Save to save changes, close the Add/Edit Package Schedule dialog box, and display the Package page.