Entering Report Information

The Information page of the Add/Edit Report dialog box lets you specify basic information for the report such as the name and format.




Make sure this check box is checked to enable the report.

If you later decide to disable the report, you can uncheck the Enabled check box.

Report Name

Click Select to select a report from a list.

Report Output Filename

Enter the name of the report output file (up to 100 characters). The name you specify also appears in the report list in the email sent to recipients.

Notes for Report Recipient

Enter brief notes (up to 200 characters) for the intended recipients describing how to read and understand the report.

Export only if data exists

Check this option to generate an output file only if data exists for the specified parameters.


Select either PDF (Adobe Acrobat) or RTF (Microsoft Word - Rich Text Format). For reports from the Export Data category, you must select CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format.