Add/Edit Disk Destination

The Add/Edit Disk Destination dialog box lets you specify the name and location of a shared network folder used to store reports.

Table 1. Add/Edit Disk Destination dialog box options
Field Description
Enabled Make sure this check box is checked to enable the disk destination.

If you later decide to disable the disk destination, you can uncheck the Enabled check box.

Destination Name Enter the name (up to 45 characters) of the disk destination.

This is the name you later use to select the disk destination for a report package.

Destination Folder Path (UNC) Specify the output folder for report packages.

You can specify a local directory on the Vocera Report Server (for example, c:\ReportOutput) or a directory on a shared network server. If you specify a shared network resource, use Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) syntax to specify the path:


If you specify a directory on another network server, make sure Vocera Report Server has access to other network servers. For more information, see Giving Vocera Report Server Access to Other Network Servers.

Enable Sweep for this Destination To automatically purge older report output files, make sure this box is checked.

For information about scheduling the sweep of disk destinations, see Scheduling Automatic Sweep of Disk Destinations.

Delete Reports Older than n Days Enter the number of days after which a report output file will be removed from the destination folder.