About Report Packages

At the center of the Report Scheduler is the report package, a collection of reports that share the same schedule and destination. A package can be run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The output files resulting from a scheduled report package are saved to a location on disk, emailed to a list of users or groups, or both.

When you create a package, separate tabs allow you to specify basic package information, scheduling information, the list of reports to include in the package, and the destination.

Note: Packages that appear grayed out (or dimmed) are disabled and are not scheduled to be run. To enable a package, see Disabling or Enabling a Report Package. Packages that contain unsupported reports or reports with undefined parameters display in red. An unsupported report is a report whose report definition file cannot be found. If a package contains an unsupported report, you should open the package and re-select the latest version of the report. Otherwise, the unsupported report will not be generated when the package runs. A package that contains only unsupported reports cannot be enabled.

You can use the Report Scheduler to distribute reports in the following formats: