The URL API Interface

The URL format to access the API interface depends on the application that you are accessing.

The parameters that can be provided with this URL are listed in the table below. Some parameters, as noted, can be supplied to the Vocera Collaboration Suite only.

Table 1. The URL API Interface
Parameter Description Supported Values
commMode The Vocera Collaboration Suite application command to be performed.
  • Call - Places a normal Vocera call.
  • UrgentCall - Places an urgent Vocera call.
  • Alert - Displays the New Alert screen. The recipient specified in recipientKey is specified as the recipient of the Alert.
  • Chat - Displays a Chat session.
If this parameter is not specified, the recipient's Contacts screen is displayed.
recipientKey The ID of the recipient. This could be an email address, a phone number, or a Vocera ID, depending on the value of the searchScope parameter. No values provided
searchScope The contact or user field that should be searched when trying to find the recipient. The search criterion is specified by the recipientKey parameter.
  • email - Search for an email address.
  • voceraID - Search for a Vocera ID as defined on the VMP Server.
  • adID - Search for an Active Directory user account name.
  • userPublicID - Search for a Public ID as defined for a user on the VMP Server.
  • dlPublicID - Search for a Public ID as defined for a Distribution List on the VMP Server.

The phone number to use to place a SIP call through Vocera.

If recipientKey and phoneNumber are both supplied, and commMode is Call or UrgentCall, the application uses recipientKey to try to find the recipient. If the recipient is not found using recipientKey, phoneNumber is used to place the call.

No values provided

The URL to bring the user back to the calling application. If callBackURL is specified, a Return icon is added to the Menu screen in place of the Help icon. Tap this icon to invoke the URL specified in callBackURL. The default name associated with this icon is Return. If the callBackLabel parameter is specified, its value becomes the name associated with the icon.

This parameter is available for the Vocera Collaboration Suite only.

No values provided

If callBackURL has been specified, the callBackLabel parameter specifies the name associated with the Return icon.

This parameter is available for the Vocera Collaboration Suite only.

No values provided

Here is an example of a URL that can be sent using this interface:


This searches for the email address on the Vocera Collaboration Suite application. If this email address is found, a Call is placed to the user with this email address.