The PagingAlert data class contains these fields.

Field Type Description
ExternalID String[32]

The ID of the submitted alert. VMP does not require an external ID to accept incoming SOAP messages.

If SOAP messages include an external ID, it must be a unique string that is used for all incoming SOAP messages. This string can be any combination of non-Unicode symbols, including special characters.

Each external ID must be unique across all integrations that use the same ClientID field.

EventID String[40] Event ID that the alarm is associated with.
CreatorEndPoint Integer The type of the client sending the alarm. This value is normally 5 (SOAP).
ClientID String[20] This can be used for VMI integration and reporting. Vocera recommends integrating VMI using the Vocera Voice Server.
Subject String[256]

The alert subject.


String [3000]

The alert message.

BriefBody String[256] Short version of a message body. If it is not empty, it is sent to a Vocera badge instead of the full-length Body field.
PatientMrn String[70] This field is for internal use only.
Severity Integer
  • 0: urgent if OverridePersonal Settings is True, high otherwise

  • 1: normal

  • 2: normal

EscalationLevel String[32] If the alert is the result of an escalation, this field contains the level of the escalation.
Expiration Nillable integer The number of minutes before the alert delivery expires.
OverridePersonalAlarmSettings Boolean
  • True: sound and led notification settings defined on the server are used.

  • False: sound and led notification settings defined in user’s device profile are used.

ActionUrl String This field is for internal use only.
ResponseType PagingAlertResponseType This field is obsolete.
AllowResponseComment Boolean This field is part of the old text messaging model, and is obsolete.
Callback String[32] Callback phone number.
WaveFilename String[40] The wavefile name that the alarm is associated with.
Callable Boolean This field is for internal use only.
ParticipationCondition PagingAlertParticipationCondition By default, this is ALL. If it is set to ONLINE_ONLY, the message will be queued and delivered to only Voice logged in users.
ParticipationSkipDND Boolean Whether to skip delivery to users who are in Do Not Disturb mode.
IntegrationParams PagingAlertIntegrationParam[] This field is for internal use only.