This method gets the status of the Alert identified by an external system ID.

If a user is not found in the VMP Server, the return array contains the appropriate PagingAlertUserStatusInfo with ERROR status and User unknown detail text.

Table 1. Paging_GetAlertStatus method parameters
Parameter Type Description
guid String

A reference to the VMP instance served by the VMP Paging gateway. The default is MAIN.



The user login (configured in VMP Administrator).

password String The user password (configured in VMP Administrator).
endPoint Integer The type of the client sending the alarm. This value is normally 5 (SOAP).
clientID String This can be used for VMI integration and reporting. Vocera recommends integrating VMI using the Vocera Voice Server.
alertExternalD String

The shared alert ID submitted in Paging_SendAlert.

Return type: WWI.WIC.WWS. PagingAlertUserStatusInfo[]