This method cancels the group of paging alerts from all users to which it was initially sent.

The method returns the total number of users the alert was canceled from and a list of those users. The status flag is CANCELED for all users.

Table 1. Paging_CancelAlertByEventID method parameters
Parameter Type Description
guid String

A reference to the VMP instance served by the VMP Paging gateway. The default is MAIN.



The user login (configured in VMP Administrator).

password String The user password (configured in VMP Administrator).
endPoint Integer

The end point type submitted in Paging_SendAlertPaging_SendAlert. VMP cancels only alerts which match both EventID and EndPoint.

clientID String This can be used for VMI integration and reporting. Vocera recommends integrating VMI using the Vocera Voice Server.
eventID String

The original event ID submitted in Paging_SendAlert.

Return type:  WWI.WIC.WWS. PagingAlertUserStatusInfo[]