Creating a Content Transmit Status Report

You can generate a report that lists the users that have received content that has been provided for them.

  1. Open the VMP Administrator application and select Reports > Transmit Status.
  2. In the Reports pane, click Content. The Transmit Status Content Report window opens.
  3. From the Group by dropdown list, select User to organize the report by user name, or select Content to organize the report by content items.
  4. From the Status dropdown list, select one of the following:
    • All: Display all users, whether or not they have received the content.
    • Received: Display users that have received the content.
    • Not received: Display users that have not received the content.
  5. From the Content dropdown list, select the type of content for which content transmit status information is to be displayed, or select All to display information for all content types.
  6. From the Users dropdown list, select All to display content transmit status information for all users, or select Selected to specify the users for which you want to display information.
    1. If you select Selected, a list of users appears. Select the user for which you want to display content transit status information.
  7. Click Generate to generate the content transmit status report.