Using Web Console Contacts

Use the Contacts view to initiate a communication with a contact.

The Email option is available only for users, and is available only if the VMP Server administrator has allowed email communication. Only messages can be sent to group contacts.

  1. Log on to the VMP Web Console from your Web browser.
  2. Click Contacts to display the Contacts view.
  3. Toggle between Favorites or Contacts at the top of the Contacts pane.
    Tip: Start typing the contact name in the search box to quickly find a user, group, or Distribution List. For details on using Favorites, see Using Web Console Favorites.

    Select a contact to display it:

  4. If the contact has a photo, click on it to display it in a separate window:

    Click Close to close this window.

  5. If a contact is a Vocera Voice Group, the group may contain subgroups. Click the subgroup you want to view. When viewing a subgroup, click the Back arrow to return to the parent Voice Group.
  6. When you have found the contact, select Call, Urgent Call, or Text to communicate with the contact. If the contact is a Voice Group or Distribution List, you can send a Broadcast or Urgent Broadcast to all members of the group or Distribution List.
    Note: The Call, Urgent Call, Broadcast, and Urgent Broadcast operations are initiated on your client application (VCS client or Vocera badge).