Continuing a Message Conversation

After you have sent or have received a secure message in the VMP Web Console, you can continue a conversation with the recipients or sender of the message.

  1. Select the Message tab.
  2. From the list of messages in the Secure Messages pane, select the message. The message is displayed in the pane at the right.

    The colored ring around each message participant's photo or initials indicates the participant's availability:

    • Green indicates that the participant is available.
    • Red indicates that the participant is not available.
    • Orange indicates that the participant has set Do Not Disturb.
  3. In the text field at the bottom of the pane, type your text message and click Send. Your messages and the responses sent to you are displayed.
  4. To change the priority of a message, click Priority and select the priority to use. If the priority is higher than Normal, the priority is included in the message.
  5. To attach media to a conversation, click Attach Media and select the attachment to include. A thumbnail of the attachment appears in the conversation.

    Click the thumbnail to view the attachment in more detail.

    Attach Media is not available if your administrator does not allow pictures to be added to messages.

  6. To request a response to a message, click Responses. In the Response Request screen, specify the response information, and click Send.
  7. If you have been requested to supply a response, a list of response options is provided. Hover over an option to select it, and click the option to send the response.
    Note: If the sender has specified a time limit for a response, and the time limit has expired, this will be indicated in the conversation:

If you are having more than one conversation, use the pane at the left to switch from one session to another.

To display the current message delivery status, click on any text that you have sent in a conversation.

Click on a profile picture to display the contact status information for that person.

If a VST user sends a message, you can see all users who are part of this message, including those VST users who are not part of an organization on the imported VST cloud server and are therefore not in the VMP Server database.