Using Voice PIN Authentication

Voice PIN authentication allows badge users to record a 5-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to securely login or access your voice messages.

Voice PIN authentication adds an extra layer of security and convenience to Vocera administrators and badge users by limiting access to the Vocera system on the basis of a pre-recorded voice PIN. This ensures that all unauthorized or fraudulent users are prevented from using an authorized badge user's name to login and issue commands. A voice PIN functions like a secure voice command or password that prevents unauthorized users from playing voice messages on a badge that was inadvertently left logged in by a user.

Badge users can use the voice PIN commands to record or erase their PINs, see Vocera Voice Commands Reference Guide for additional information.

Note: PIN authentication is not supported on the VCS application.

When voice PIN authentication is enabled, badge users are required to record a pre-determined PIN number of their choice to login to the Vocera system or to access their voice messages. By default Vocera allows badge user to record a 5-digit PIN. Badge users can choose any 5 numbers between the range of 0 to 9 to create a voice PIN.

Voice PIN authentication is disabled by default. System administrator must enable the required security permissions to allow authorized users to record their voice PINs.

A user can initiate a recording session by issuing the "Record a voice PIN" command through their badge. When a user is enabled for voice PIN authentication and records a PIN, the system challenges the user to say the PIN each time they log in. If the correct PIN is entered, the user is permitted to login or play voice messages. When system fails to match the PIN, user is denied login and asked to recite the correct PIN.

System administrator can enable the voice PIN authentication in the Groups in the Manage section of the Web Console, see the Enabling Voice PIN Authentication section for more information.