Offer to Learn a Name

Train Genie to learn a caller's name

Vocera voice prompt offers an interactive way to learn the name of the most frequently called user if you spell out the user's name with the Call command. Vocera Genie plays a prompt offering to learn the name of the user that you called by spelling at the time of your next login. You can choose to accept this offer by saying, "yes" or decline the offer by saying, "no." When you accept the offer, Genie asks you to say the user's name three times after each tone sound. After this, the system saves the name of the user in the database.

For example, if you are calling a user named Emily and you say the command, Call "E M I L Y R O S E" (by spelling out the recipient's name). The system checks if this name exists in the database. If the name is not found, Genie takes you through the, "Learn a name" command flow.

At your next login, you hear the prompt; "You called Emily Rose by spelling, do you want to learn this name?" Say "Yes" to accept the offer. As soon as you accept the offer, Genie plays the prompt; "You may learn name for user Emily Rose, say the name each time you hear the tone". Say the username after each tone sound, and at the end of the third tone, Genie says, "Okay, I got it" as a confirmation to have learned the username.

The offer to learn a name feature is available as a default. If you choose to decline the offer for three consecutive times, the Voice prompt will no longer offer to learn the user's name.
Note: This prompt is not played for VCS clients.
Learn a name offer is valid under the following conditions: