Playing with Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are a set of voice commands that you can use to get some funny responses to your questions from Vocera Genie

Easter eggs are secret messages or jokes intentionally hidden within the Vocera software. Badge user can use the Easter Eggs voice commands to reduce tension, distract or calm children, or simply have fun.

The name, "Easter Eggs" is borrowed from the Easter holiday ritual of hunting for Easter eggs, where children hunt for eggs that often contain surprises and treasures.

The Easter Eggs feature is enabled at the Facility level in the by default. You can disable Easter Eggs for badge users in a Facility, see the Disabling Easter Eggs section for more information.

To access an Easter Eggs commands, press the Call button on the badge and say one of the Easter Egg commands listed in the Vocera Voice Commands Reference Guide. For guidelines on using the commands, see your supported Vocera Device User Guide on the Vocera Devices page.