Specifying Telephony PIN Information For a Site

  1. Click Telephony in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Basic Info tab to display the Basic Info page. In this page, the Enable Telephony Integration check box must be checked before you can enter information in the PIN page.
  3. Click the PIN tab to display a page where you can enter a site-level PIN and define a template that specifies how to integrate a PIN into a dialing sequence.
  4. Use the Select Site field to choose the site you want to configure.

    Every site that has its own telephony server can specify a PIN and a PIN template. Sites that share a telephony server use the PIN and PIN template defined for the Global site. To configure a single-site environment, choose the Global site.

  5. (Optional) Type a number in the PIN for Long Distance Calls field to define a site-level PIN.
  6. Type numbers, formatting characters (for example, dashes or parentheses) special dialing characters (for example, commas or ampersands), and PIN macros in the PIN Template field. This template defines the format of all PINs, whether they are defined at the user, department group, or site level.

    If no PIN template is specified, the Vocera system applies one of the following default templates, depending on the type of PBX:

    Table 1. Default PIN templates

    PBX type

    Default template



    %N %P

    Access code, phone number, and PIN.