Recording a Location Name

Record a location name prompt to avoid potential mispronunciations.

After you assign location names to access points, you can use the location names with voice commands. For example, "Find a member of nurses close to the E R", and the Genie responds with location names when appropriate "Mary Smith is near the Main Desk". If you record location names with your natural voice, you can avoid potential mispronunciations caused by the synthesized pronunciations.

When the Genie interacts with users, it may need to speak the name of a location. The Genie can synthesize the necessary name prompts; however, if you record name prompts yourself, the Genie can use them to provide more natural sounding speech and to avoid mispronunciations.

To record a name prompt for a location:

  1. Log in with a device as a user with system administration privileges.
  2. Press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and then say, "Record a name for location name." (For example, "Record a name for the Cafeteria.")

    The Genie will prompt you to record variations of the location name.

    Note: If multiple facilities, users, groups, locations, and contact entries have the same name or alternate spoken name, you can record a name prompt for only one of them.