Access Point (AP) Locations

AP Locations are names of places to which you assign one or more access points.

When a device connects to an access point, the Vocera Platform is able to report the name of the corresponding location.

You can use the Vocera Platform Web Console to view and manage the access point locations created on your system.

When AP locations is entered in the system, device users can use "Locate", "Where Is?", and "Where Am I?" voice commands to find the physical location of a particular user or member of a group within a facility.

If you configure AP Locations for your system, the Genie can respond with information about a user’s whereabouts. For example, "Roswell Adams is near the First Floor Cafeteria". If you do not configure an AP Location, the Genie responds with the MAC address of the access point instead, which is not useful to most device users. For example, when a device user says, "Locate Lucy Crysek." Genie may say, "Lucy Crysek is near access point zero zero four zero nine six four five B D four E."

For guidelines on using the voice commands, see your supported Vocera Device User Guide on the Vocera Devices page.

Important: By default, every access point on your network is associated with the Global facility. If your deployment involves multiple facilities, assign a location name to each access point, and associate each of these locations with a facility. Otherwise, the Vocera Platform assumes that the default Global facility is your current facility.

Keep in mind that Vocera devices, like all wireless devices, do not always associate with the access point that is physically closest. A device may associate with an access point situated on a different floor, depending upon building construction. The device can only offer approximate user locations; consequently, generic location names may be more useful than specific ones.