General Configuration

Specify your company's name and Vocera Analytics URL.

Add general information related to your company name and Vocera Analytics URL (if applicable).

  1. Navigate to System Configuration in the Settings section.

    The Configuration page displays.

  2. In the Generation section, complete the fields listed in the following table:
    Field Maximum Length Description

    Company Name


    Specify the name of your company or organization. The value you enter in this field appears in reports and logs.

    Vocera Analytics URL


    If you are using Vocera Analytics, specify the IP address. For security reasons, you must register the address of Vocera Analytics with the Vocera Platform in this manner, or the Vocera Platform prevents Vocera Analytics from downloading data.

    You must also enter the IP address of the Vocera Platform in the Vocera Analytics console.

    Note: The "http://" or "https://" prefix is a required for an IP address.
  3. Click Save to save your changes and refresh your browser to view your changes.

    You will notice that the name you entered in the Company Name field appears near the Help link in the Web Console.

    For example, the following screenshot shows the name "West Valley Medicals" entered in the Company Name and the same name appearing on top of the Web Console

    You can also see the Analytics section in the Web Console navigation bar. You can click on Analytics in the navigation bar to launch the Vocera Analytics login page.

What to do next:

You can enter your credentials to login to the Vocera Analytics visualization server. The visualization server provides real-time data analysis, trends, dashboards, and reports along with the capability to customize reports.

To learn more about Vocera Analytics, refer to the supported Vocera Analytics Administration Guide and other related documents available on the Vocera Documentation Portal.