Calling Home

You can use the built-in dialing macros to create a single contact that any Vocera device user can access to call home.

Vocera interprets the %H dialing macro in this example as the value you provided in the Home Phone field of the Contact Information section of the New User or Edit User page.

  1. Create a contact as described in Adding a Contact.
  2. Make sure the Is it a person? field is not selected.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name such as My House. Make sure you use at least two words in the name for optimal speech recognition.

    Do not use the name "My Home" for this contact. Device users can issue the command "Forward calls to my home phone" to forward calls when they are away from their facility. If users instead accidentally forward calls to the contact called "My Home", other badge users who call them will experience unexpected results. Users should not forward calls to a contact that evaluates to the %H macro.

  4. Enter %H in one of the Phone fields.
  5. Click Save to close the dialog box and save the entry.

When a user issues the voice command "Call My House", Vocera automatically dials the specific user's home phone number.