Best Practices for Frequently Called Departments

Take full advantage of the Frequently Called Departments feature to improve overall speech recognition using the Vocera recommended the best practices listed in this topic.

  1. If your Vocera system is very large, you may need to do some performance tuning to optimize your system. A large Vocera system typically has more than 2,500 users across multiple sites and a spoken name count (which includes user names, group names, alternate spoken names, and department names) equal to or greater than 90,000. See Performance Tuning for Large Customers in the Vocera Infrastructure Planning Guide.
  2. Make sure Frequently Called Departments options are enabled in Preferences in System Configuration in the Web Console. See Setting System Preferences for complete information.
  3. Define your Departments in Facilities section of the Web Console.
  4. To assess speech recognition for departments, use the Vocera Report Server to schedule several diagnostic reports, including Recognition Results by Department and Recognition Results by User. For more information, see the Vocera Report Server Guide.