Badges and Clusters

Learn how the badge and server interact in the cluster environment.

When badges come online, they attempt to connect to the first server in the cluster list. If that server is not active, they continue sequentially through the list until they find the active node. Badges maintain the IP address of each cluster node along with other data in the file. Badges will cycle through this list repeatedly, if necessary.

Similarly, if the voice service cluster fails over, badges display "Searching for server" and cycle through the list of IP addresses until they find the active node.

You can set up your badges with the complete cluster list if you know it at the time of initial badge configuration. If you are uncertain of the complete list, you must specify at least one valid cluster IP address. The badge will find the node that you specify, and if it is not active, it will redirect the badge to the active node.

After badges have received the initial list of cluster members, you can maintain it by updating the file on the active node.