About Contacts List for the Global Facility

If you have multiple facilities and have enabled telephony for the Global facility, you can use the Global Contacts list to store information for people and places that users from all facilities need to access.

Note: If you have not enabled telephony for the Global facility, you cannot make calls to Global contacts.

Contacts associated with the Global facility are equally accessible to all users, regardless of the physical facility they are working at. That is, if an entry is in the global Contacts list, users at any facility can access it by name only—they do not have to specify the facility name.

For example, suppose all the facilities in your organization frequently place orders from a wholesaler outside the company. Because the wholesaler is not within the Vocera system, you should place its calling information in a contact; in addition, because users at any facility may need to call the wholesaler, its information belongs in the Contacts list for the Global facility.

In this situation, any user can call the wholesaler by saying “Call Spangler Supplies”. If Spangler Supplies were associated with a facility-specific contact such as San Jose, users outside San Jose would have to say, “Call Spangler Supplies in San Jose”.