Configuring Dynamic Extension for a Facility

Configure Vocera system to supply telephone extensions on demand to users who need them.

Dynamic extensions affect only users whose profile does not include a Vocera extension or a desk extension. For additional information on phone fields and users see About Users and Telephone Numbers.

Vocera assigns dynamic extensions to users in a manner analogous to a DHCP server assigning IP addresses to client computers.

  1. Navigate to Facilities in the Manage section of the navigation bar and locate your facility.
    If you don't have a facility set up, follow the instructions described in the, "Adding a Facility" section of the Vocera Platform Administration Guide to create a new facility.
    Tip: You can also use the Help link provided in the Facilities page of the Vocera Platform Web Console and follow the instruction to create a new facility.
  2. Scroll down to the Telephony - Dynamic Extensions section ane expand this section to view the Enable Dynamic Extensions checkbox.
  3. Select the Enable Dynamic Extensions checkbox to assign dynamic extensions on demand to users who need them.
    The Extension Range and Assignment Type configuraiton fields are displayed.
  4. Enter a value for the following fields:
    • Extension Range — Specify a range of phone numbers to use as dynamic extensions. Enter a value for the First Extension and Last Extension.
      Note: If the range is equal to or a subset of the range you entered for DID, Vocera assumes you are distributing DID extensions among your Vocera users. If you are using DID, set the dynamic extension range to be the same as the DID range. If the dynamic extension range is a subset of the DID range, some DIDs will not be used. If the range is not a subset of the range you entered for DID, Vocera assumes that you want to assign desk extensions to users independently of DID.
    • Assignment Type — Select one of the following two assignment types:
      • Choose Permanent to assign users extension that does not expire.

        Permanent is useful when Vocera users do not have actual desk extensions, but you want them to have a unique identifier that allows recipients of a numeric page to place a return call to the Vocera device.

      • Choose Temporary to assign a lease duration value and specify the minimum amount of time that an extension is assigned to a user.

        Temporary is useful when you want to share a small number of DID extensions among a larger number of Vocera users. By default, the lease is set to seven days to allow safe paging callbacks several days later. If you don't have enough DID numbers for all Vocera users, you can set the lease duration to hours instead of days so that numbers can be reallocated as needed.

  5. Select one of the following to close the Add/Edit Facilities page:
    • Save — to save the telephony dynamic extensions information to the system.
    • Cancel — to cancel the changes and return back to Add/Edit Facilities page.