Mobile Client Security Policy Items

This section describes the available Mobile Client security policy items to enable access control over the user's mobile devices.

System administrators can design and customize the access and authentication features for mobile client users based on the mobile client security policies listed in the following table.

Note: In addition to the mobile client policy items, Vocera offers security policy items designed for Vocera Vina users. To learn more about these policy items, see the Vocera Vina Policy Items section.
Policy Items Description

Mobile Client device passcode required

Requires the user to set a device passcode in order to login .This passcode is a user's iOS or Android system passcode, biometrics or swipe code. Enforcing this policy ensures that users who bring their own devices have protected their device.

Mobile Client trusted certificate required

Prevents the user from accepting an untrusted certificate when logging in.

Mobile Client controls access to patient details

Controls access to patient details on the mobile client. This policy item includes two values:
  • restricted — the "restricted" access excludes patient records in roster search results and omits patient details displaying in a patient linked conversation
  • full — the "full" access permits patient records in the roster search results and includes all patient details in patient linked conversations. The "full" value is also the default value for this policy item.

Vina does not implement "omits patient details showing in a patient linked conversation" at this time but Engage Mobile does.

Mobile Client inactivity timeout

Sets the amount of time (in minutes) the mobile client user can remain inactive in the application. When this time has elapsed with the app in the background, the user must re-authenticate before interacting with the app again.

If PIN authentication is enabled, the user can enter either the PIN or the password to re-authenticate.

If PIN authentication is not enabled, the user can enter their password for re-authenticate.

The default value is 5760 minutes.