Default Security Policy

Vocera system creates the Default Security Policy at the time of installation, and this policy applies to all users in the system.

You cannot remove a default policy or change the name and description of the default security policy. However, you can view the name, description, and security policy items associated with the default security policy.

Remember: Each role in your system must have at least one security policy associated with it. If a user is a member of a group that's assigned a role with a customized security policy, the user will have access privileges and permissions based on both the customized policy and the default policy.

To view the default security policy items, select the Default security policy in the Security Policies page.

You can also add additional policy items to the default security policy.

For example, the following screenshot shows a list of security policy items included in the Default Security Policy.

For more information on adding a polity item, see Adding a Policy Item.