Understanding SFTP Transfer of a Backup

Once automatic backups are configured, you may choose to transfer the backups to another location for storage using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

SFTP public key authentication is a client authentication method often employed for automated file transfers, such as a Vocera system backup file transfer to a storage location.

In order for the SFTP transaction to authorize correctly, the public key on the Vocera Platform must first be stored in the authorized_keys file on the remote server where the backup is intended to be stored.

Note: Only Vocera Implementation Engineers and the facility IT Staff should have access to these directories; contact a System Administrator for assistance.

In the Vocera Platform Web Console, first download the public key found on the Vocera Platform, then save the public key in the authorized_keys file on the remote storage server.

Finally, configure the SFTP Backup settings in Automatic Backups to enable the transfer method for system backup files.