Configuring an SFTP Transfer of a Backup

Configure the SFTP transaction details in the automatic backup page of the Vocera Platform Web Console.

Locate the backup file from the Vocera Platform on the remote server under the specified user. The format of the file name should be similar to the following: extension_master_files –XXDATEXX-database.backup
  1. Select Set Automatic Backup in the System Backups page.
    The Setup an automatic backup page displays.
  2. Navigate to SFTP Backup in the Setup an automatic backup page.
  3. Configure the SFTP Backup settings.
    Field Description
    Enable SFTP Transfer Select this checkbox to use the SFTP configuration.
    Destination host Enter the location where the backup file will be saved.
    Destination Subdirectory Enter the shared resource subdirectory location.
    Username Enter the user name for the login credentials at the chosen backup location.
    File to test SFTP transfer Select the name of the backup file to test the SFTP transfer capability from the dropdown menu. The file name displays in the following format: extension_master_files –XXDATEXX-database.backup.
  4. Select Test Now in SFTP Backup to verify the configuration settings are correct in the system.
  5. Select one of the following to exit the Setup an automatic backup dialog:
    • Select Apply to save and implement the configuration choices.
    • Select Cancel to exit the page without changing the existing configuration.