Understanding a System Backup Restore

When necessary, any available backup file may be used to restore the system to a previous state.

To use a saved backup file to restore the system, the backup file must be located on the Vocera Platform. Backup files stored externally must be uploaded to the Vocera system for restoration.

Note: The upload process automatically invokes the restore process; refer to Uploading a Saved Backup File for details.

You can restore a saved backup file when it displays in the System Backups list in the Vocera Platform Web Console. Choose a backup file from the list to overwrite the current system with the previously stored backup file as described in Restoring a System Backup. The restoration process may take some time depending on the size of the database. Any data changed while the restoration is in progress will not be transferred to the new database.

Warning: Restoring a backup overwrites the existing information on the Vocera Platform. This action cannot be undone, and any information lost cannot be recovered.

After a backup is restored, database migrations are performed to ensure that the database is usable. For example, you may restore an older backup and find that the current XMPP adapter now requires a new attribute that is not present in the old backup.

Review the following key details for restoring system backup files: