Restoring a System Backup

Restore a system backup file to be the current active system on the Vocera Platform.

In the restore process, first a compatability check is performed in the background, then you can make your component selections for the restore backup, and finally apply the backup file to the system. Once the restore is complete, you are presented with the login screen to access the Vocera Platform Web Console.

  1. Navigate to System Backups in the Settings page.
    The System Backups page displays.
  2. Select Restore in the Actions column for the selected system backup file in the System Backups page.
    A compatibility check runs in the background to identify package and bundle differences on the system, then the Restore Options dialog displays.
  3. Review the messages that display at the top of the Restore Options dialog when the compatibility check identifies software differences between systems. Refer to Viewing Compatibility Issues for additional information.
    By default, all checkboxes are selected for a backup.
  4. Select one of the following options to exit the Restore Options dialog.
    • Select Apply to overwrite the current system with the uploaded system backup.
    • Select Cancel to return to the System Backups page without making a change.
    A message dialog displays when Apply is selected.
  5. Select one of the following options to exit the message dialog.
    Warning: Restoring a backup overwrites the existing information on the Vocera Platform. This action cannot be undone, and any information lost cannot be recovered.
    • Select OK to accept the warning and proceed with the restoration.
    • Select Cancel to close the warning message without making changes.
    The restore process may take some time and will display a spinning wheel to indicate the action is still in process. When complete, the Vocera Platform Web Console login page appears.
Next, log into the Vocera Platform Web Console to access the restored system.