Uploading a Saved Backup

A system backup file that has been saved in a secure storage location can be uploaded and accessed in the Vocera Platform Web Console.

Uploading a backup file automatically invokes the restore process when the upload is complete. When the Restore Options dialog appears, select Cancel to display the System Backups page and access the uploaded file.

  1. Navigate to System Backups in the Settings page of the Vocera Platform Web Console.
    The System Backups page appears.
  2. Select Upload Saved Backup File in the System Backups page.

    The Upload a System Backup dialog displays.
  3. Click Choose File in the Remote File field to locate the file to upload to the Vocera system.

  4. Select one of the following to exit the Upload a System Backup dialog.
    • Select Upload to save the file to the Vocera Platform.
    • Select Cancel to close the dialog without making changes.
    It may take a significant amount of time for an upload to complete.
  5. Review any compatability issues that are automatically discovered in the upload process.
    A compatibility check runs in the background to search for package and bundle differences on the system. Refer to Viewing Compatibility Issues for additional information.
What to do next: When the upload is complete, the Restore Options dialog appears. Refer to Restoring a System Backup for instructions on restoring system backups.
Warning: Restoring a backup overwrites the existing information on the Vocera Platform. This action cannot be undone, and any information lost cannot be recovered.