Understanding the Automatic Backups

Automatic backups allow you to automatically backup specified Vocera system information to a specified external location on a desired schedule.

You must perform manual backups until an automatic backup is configured for the system. Automatic backups can be configured in System Backups in the Vocera Platform Web Console.

Automatic backups of the Vocera Platform can be configured to transfer backup files daily to an external location, such as a central information storage system, at a specified time. The Automatic Backups functionality allows you to configure the following transfer methods for backup files; SMB, FTP, SFTP, and transfer to a secondary Vocera appliance. When an external location is configured for backups, the backup files are automatically transferred to the specified IP address or server location for storage.

Once the automatic backup is configured, you can perform a test transfer to ensure that the configuration is accurate. Using a backup file from the current list of available backups, this test will verify that the backup files are transferred successfully.

As shown in the Setup an automatic backup page, you can specify local machine or system backup options, in addition to managing the automatic backup storage options. The Vocera system configurations include the option to enable local machine, Kerberos keytab file, and Voice database backups. In addition you can configure a database optimization schedule and enable data purging.