F5 BIG-IP Health Check Configuration for a Cluster

An F5 BIG-IP system can be configured to monitor a Vocera Platform cluster.

The F5 BIG-IP system is not supported or managed by Vocera; configuration of a third party vendor such as F5 is the responsibility of the customer. The customer must ensure that their System Administrator is fully qualified to administer the F5 BIG-IP system.

This F5 BIG-IP configuration information is provided for the customer's technical team to gain an understanding of some concepts needed prior to an installation. Access the F5 company website for assistance.

The F5 BIG-IP system monitors the Vocera cluster in order to seamlessly track the Master node in a failover. A health check indicator reports which of the nodes is the current Master. For this communication to happen, ensure that the following configuration is correct on the BIG-IP system.

Configure the ADC system to send a "HEAD / active" query to the default webpage on a cluster node, and receive a response from the active server of "200" or "200 OK" as shown in the example below. The inactive nodes will not respond with the configured response code and will be marked as Offline, allowing traffic to be directed only to the node that responds with the configured code.