Monitoring Adapter Services

The Adapter Services page displays the installed adapters by name, version, activity status, and provides an option to start or stop the adapter's service.

An adapter service must be running in order for the Vocera Platform to utilize the adapter's functionality.

Click Stop or Start to manage an adapter's service. The Adapter Services page updates dynamically, displaying STOPPING or STARTING in the Status field until a status of ACTIVE or NOT_ACTIVE is reached, depending on the action undertaken. For an example using the Adapter Services, see Starting and Stopping Adapter Services.

Understand the information displayed in the Adapter Services page using the table below.

Fields Description
Service Displays the installed adapter's reference name.
Version Displays the currently installed version of the adapter.

Displays the adapter's current service status on the Vocera Platform.

Status will display one of the following regarding the adapter's service on the system:

  • IN ERROR—problem loading the adapter
  • LOADED—adapter is loaded, not activated
  • ACTIVE—adapter is loaded and running
  • NOT_ACTIVE—adapter is loaded, not currently running

Click Stop or Start to manage the adapter's service.

Stop and Start actions apply under the following conditions:

  • When the adapter is running, Stop can be implemented (Start is not an option).
  • When the adapter is not running, Start can be implemented (Stop is not an option).
  • When the adapter's status is LOADED, NOT ACTIVE, or IN ERROR, then Start can be implemented (Stop is not an option).