Starting and Stopping Adapter Services

The Adapter Services page provides the ability to start and stop an adapter service on the Vocera Platform.

Navigate to Status > Adapter Services in the Vocera Platform Web Console to start or stop an installed adapter. For an explanation of the service status values and the actions that are allowed per status, see Monitoring Adapter Services.
  1. Select an adapter in the Adapter Services page.
  2. Select Start or Stop in the Actions column. In this example, click Stop to stop the Amtelco service.
  3. Verify that the status changes to NOT_ACTIVE, indicating the adapter service is no longer running on the Vocera Platform. In this example, the Amtelco service now displays Not_Active status.
    In the Actions column, the Start option is now available and the Stop option is not available.
  4. Toggle start and stop actions as needed for the selected adapter, or select another adapter service to manage.