Use the Vocera Platform Web Console to view and manage all users in the system.

A user is an entity that you create in the Web Console to represent a person who uses the Vocera system. All users have a name and log-in credentials.

System administrators can manage users and perform the following tasks:

To view all the user in your system, select Users in Manage section of the navigation bar. The All Users page displays with a list of users in alphabetical order with their last name, first name, username, and facility information.

As a system administrator, you can also access the user profile details. You can search for a user using the Search bar. See Searching for Users for additional information on the Web Console search capabilities.

Accessing User Profiles

When you add a user, the Vocera system creates a profile for that user.

You may need to edit the user's profile to add features that may be useful or remove features that a user doesn't require. In addition to a user's name and contact information, the user preferences such as preferred Genie persona, speech recognition, and memberships are stored in the profile information.

You can use any of the following methods in the Web Console to add user profiles: