Create easy-to-use templates to deliver quick notifications regarding an important or a standard event.

Templates allow you to populate clear and concise messages for standard communication procedures or a critical event notification. A template is created with multiple fields in a pre-populated form so that it is easier for a designated user to send this template based event notification to recipients quickly.

As a system administrator, you can create customized templates for your department or facility and designate specific users or members of a group to send the templates out to recipients (for example, care team members or staff members) so that they can receive these event notifications and respond to them quickly.

For example, in emergencies like a Code Blue event, where a patient had a cardiac arrest and the care team is required immediately to help in resuscitating or reviving the patient, system administrators can create a code-blue template ahead of time with several pre-populated fields and save it in the system. Designated users can immediately search for the existing code-blue template and send it out without worrying about filling all the required fields in the form.

Similarly, you can also use a pre-defined template for routine tasks. For example, you can create a template to request housekeeping for a patient's room or making a Staff Assist request for a specific patient and save these templates in the system for future use.

System administrators can create several such templates and let designated users send out such template based event notifications and also cancel them out when needed.

To create and manage your templates from the Vocera Platform Web Console, select Templates in the Manage section of the navigation bar. The list of available templates is displayed on the Templates page.