Facilities are names of hospitals or other facilities that are associated with your Vocera Platform.

A hospital may have multiple facilities or locations in their network. A facility can be in multiple locations, and users can work with the departments, rooms, and beds associated with a location. See About Departments, Rooms, and Beds for more information.

Once created, facilities allow staff assignment to the specified beds via the Manage Functional Roles workflow provided in the Vocera Platform solution. For example, many beds on a Medical-Surgery department may require respiratory monitoring. You can organize these beds into a virtual location in the system, allowing the respiratory therapists to focus on the specified patients easily.

A hospital location is a way to organize patient locations for staff assignment purposes. Facilities do not need to change this information often, and an authorized IT Administrator makes these changes.

Note: Only the Administrator role can manage Hospital Locations; contact a System Administrator for assistance.

To view all the facilities in your system, select Facilities in Manage section. The Hospital Locations page appears, with a list of locations displayed in alphabetical order under the All Facilities header.

From the Hospital Locations screen, you can add, edit, or delete a facility.