Editing a Role

System administrator can modify the name, description, security policy, and workflow for an existing role.

The only exception to editing existing roles in the system is the predefined Administrator role created at the time of Vocera Platform installation. You cannot change the name or description of the Administrator role created at the time of installation, but you can change the security policy and the workflow page associated with this role.

  1. Click Roles in the Security section.
    The Roles page displays with a list of available roles in the system.
  2. Click on the role that you want to edit.
    The selected Role's page displays with detailed information on this role. From a Role's page you can choose to edit or remove the role from the system.

    For example, if you want to edit an existing role named, "Unit Supervisor Role", clicking on this role will launch the Unit Supervisor Role page. You can click the Edit button as shown in the following screenshot to redefine the configuration fields for this role.

  3. Select the Edit button in the right hand corner to access the configuration fields to redefine the role.
    The Update Role page displays.
  4. Edit the role information as necessary. See Adding a Role for a description of the configuration fields.
  5. Select one of the following to close the Update Role page:
    • Update — to save the changes to the role in the system.

      When you click Update, the role is updated for the changes, and a success message displays, as shown in the following screenshot.

    • Cancel— to return to the Roles page.