Editing a Bed

After you have created a bed in a room, you can edit the bed information.

Access the Vocera Platform Web Console to edit a bed in a room belonging to a unit in a Physical Location.

  1. Navigate to the All Beds window to view the room where you wish to edit a bed. See Working with Beds.
    Verify the correct physical location in the Actions breadcrumbs.
    The All Beds pane displays the bed names in numerical order, a pillow number (which is a number used to contact the phone at this bedside), and an Options button to access a navigation menu.
  2. Click the Options button in the far right of this hospital room's row.
  3. Select Edit Bed in the Options dropdown menu.
    The Edit Bed page appears.
  4. In the General section, enter a value for the fields listed in the table below.
    An asterisk * indicates that the field must be provided.



    Name *

    The name of the bed.

    Pillow Number

    An optional pillow number to access the bedside phone.

  5. Select one of the following to close the dialog.
    • Save— to save the changes to the bed information in the system.
    • Cancel— to return back to the All Beds page without making any changes.