Removing a Role

Barring the Administrator role, you can remove any existing role in the system.

You cannot remove the Administrator role from the system, but you can revise the security policy and the workflow page associated with it if needed.

Attention: Removing a role may cause unexpected results in the system. Once a role is removed, you cannot retrieve the data associated with the role.
  1. Navigate to Roles in the Security section of the navigation bar.
    The Roles page displays with a list of available roles in the system.
  2. Click on the role that you want to remove from the system.

    For example, if you clicked on an existing role named, "Unit Supervisor Role", the Unit Supervisor Role page displays.

  3. Click Remove in the selected role page to permanently remove the role from the system.

    A warning dialog displays to alert you about the unexpected results that may occur as a result of removing this role from the system.

  4. Select one of the following to close the warning dialog:
    • Ok — to confirm and remove the role from the system.
      Remember: Removing the role is an irreversible action, and you cannot retrieve the role's data after it is removed from the system.

      If you selected Ok, the role is permanently removed, and a success message displays to confirm the removal of this role from your system.

    • Cancel — to cancel the delete action and return to the Roles page.