Deleting a Device

You can delete records for devices with a wrong serial number or MAC address information in the system.

Only system administrators and system device managers can delete devices. The deletion takes effect immediately.

Tip: Do not delete an inactive device. When a device is no longer in use, retire it from the system instead of deleting it. If you delete a device that has appeared on the network at any previous time, it continues to appear in device management reports.
Note: Do not delete an active device. If you delete a device that is still in use, it is automatically added again to the system the next time it connects to the server.
  1. Navigate to Device Inventory in the Manage section.
    The Devices page appears.
  2. Locate the device that you want to delete. In the far right of this device's row, click the Options button:
  3. Select Delete Device from the drop down menu.
  4. Choose one of the following to close the Delete Devices dialog box:
    • Yes — to confirm the delete action.
    • No — to cancel the delete action and return to the Devices page.