Deleting a Department

You can delete a department from a facility.

Access the Vocera Platform Web Console to delete a department from a facility.

  1. Navigate to Facilities >All Departments and select a department that you want to delete.
    The All Departments page displays the department names in alphabetical order along with the number of rooms in each department.
  2. Click the Options button in the far right of the department's row that you wish to view.
  3. Select Delete Department in the Options drop down menu.
    The Delete Department dialog box displays:

  4. Select one of the following to close the Delete Department dialog.
    • No — to cancel the delete action and return to the All Department page without deleting a department.
    • Yes — to confirm the delete action.

      Delete department will delete all rooms and beds belonging to this department from the system.

    You can also perform the delete action from the Actions bar while editing and making changes to the department.

    Click the Delete Dept. button to delete the department that you are editing. The system will display a confirmation dialog box as mentioned in Step 3.