Adding a Role

Define and add a new role to the list displayed in the Vocera Platform Web Console.

Before you add a new role, review the following:
  • A role can have only one security policy associated with it.
  • Each security policy can have one or more policy items.
  • A group can have multiple roles associated with it and a role can have multiple groups associated with it.

The Administrator and Default roles are created at the time of Vocera system installation. You can add several new roles to the system as needed.

  1. Navigate to Roles in the Security section, and click New Role.
    The Create a New Role page displays:

  2. Complete the configuration fields listed in the following table:
    Field Description


    Enter a name to uniquely identify the new role.


    Describe the purpose of the new role. Include details of what actions the role will allow the user.

    Security Policy

    Select a security policy from the dropdown list. The selected policies are applied to all users assigned the new role.

    Default Workflow Page

    Select a workflow page from the dropdown list. The selected workflow page will be presented by default to each user assigned the new role. The workflow page is used as the entry point to Vocera on the user's device.

  3. Select one of the following to close the Create a New Role dialog:
    • Create — to add the new role to the system.
    • Cancel — to return to the Roles page.

    If you selected Create, the new role is created and a success message displays. You can edit or delete this role from the Web Console, if needed.

What to do next:

After you create a role, you can associate this role with a group. See Associating Roles with Groups for more information.