Adding a Department

For any hospital location, you can specify departments. Each department is a logical or physical organization within a facility, such as a floor or a wing.

Note: All departments are associated to a facility, you cannot create a department without creating a facility.
To add a department to a facility:
  1. Navigate to Facilities in the Manage section of the navigation bar.
  2. In the All Facilities page, identify the facility where you want to add a department.
    The All Departments page displays any existing department names in alphabetical order along with the number of rooms allocated to each department.
  3. Click Add Dept. in far right corner
    The New Department page displays.
  4. In the General section, specify a name for your new department in the Name* field in the General section.
    An asterisk * indicates that the field must be provided.
  5. In the Assignment Permissions section, click Add to display the Find a Group dialog box.
    Use the Find a Group dialog to:
    • Enter the group name in the Group Name field to search for a group in system.
    • Select multiple groups from the list.
    • Toggle the Facility Name field to view all facilities available in your system and refine your search.
  6. In the Group Name field, enter the name of the group that you want to allow to make assignments within the department.
    You can also select more than one group names from the Find a Group dialog box and click to allow multiple groups to make assignments within the department.
  7. Click Select Groups to close the Find a Group dialog.
  8. Select one of the following to close the dialog:
    • Save — to add the new department to the system.
    • Cancel — to return back to the All Department page without adding a department.