About Departments, Rooms, and Beds

Create an entry for the departments, rooms, and beds that are associated with each hospital location (facility).

You can view, add, edit, and remove components in a hospital location easily from the Manage section in the navigation bar of the Vocera Platform Web Console. Select a hospital location in Facilities, and then use the Options menu to drill down to departments, rooms, and finally beds.

Alternatively, you can also click on a facility to view the departments associated with this facility, click on a department to view rooms associated with this department, and click on a room to view the beds and pillows assigned for this room.

The following screenshot displays a Facility named West Valley Medicals with a Department named Geriatrics, and a room named Geriatrics 101 with beds (Gbed1 and Gbed2) and pillow number information.

When you delete a hospital location from the system, the associated departments, rooms, and beds are also removed from the system.

For example, when deleting a room from a department, any beds in the room are also removed from the system. A warning dialog alerts you of the components affected by the delete activity and provides the opportunity to proceed or to abort the deletion.