Adding a Template

You can add a template to the Vocera Platform Web Console list of templates and specify this template for a specific list of users.

When you create a Template, you can specify the list of groups, the message text, and priority. You can also supply a list of multiple-choice responses for recipients to choose from.

  1. Select Templates in the Manage section of the navigation bar, and click the Add Template button.
    The New Template page displays.

    The New Templates page has five sections:

    • General
    • Recipient Options
    • Response Options
    • Information Section Content
    • Delivery Options
    • Sharing Options
  2. In the General section, complete the fields listed in the table below. An asterisk * indicates that you must provide a value for this field.


    Maximum Length


    Template Name *


    Specify a name for your template to uniquely identify it from other existing templates.

    Displayed Title *


    Specify a subject to display with the message.

    Choose a Template Category:


    Select one of the following categories for your template:
    • Staff Event — Messages specific to staff members.

      For example, a staff meeting event notification to specific group members or a staff meeting invite to staff members.

    • Patient Event — Messages specific to an event related to a patient.

      For example, notifications for the care team members when a patient requests counseling, or notifications to request a visit from the chaplain.

    • Location Event — Messages specific to events happening at a location.

      For example, room security or room clean-up requests.

    • Mass Notification — Messages for more than 50 recipients.

      For example, urgent notifications on a security breach and lock down, or severe weather alerts and warning.

    If you do not specify a category, the Staff Event category is selected by default.



    Select a facility from the dropdown list. If you have not defined a facility, or if you do not want to specify a facility for the new template, select the default Global value

  3. In the Recipient Options section, complete the fields listed in the table below.
    Field Description

    Choose a Template Recipient

    Select one of the following recipient types:
    • My Department — Select if your template recipients are members of "My Department."
    • Custom — Select if your template recipient delivery mechanism is based on the clinical workflow engine's rules. Using the Custom field requires custom configuration.

      When the Custom field is selected, Time to Live and Response Timeout, options are hidden in the Delivery Options section.

    • Care Team — Select if your template recipients are members of your care team. Care team includes all the people who are assigned to take care of a patient.
    • Care Team Member —Select if your template recipient is an individual Care Team member.
      Note: The Care Team and Care Team Member options are displayed only when you select the Patient Event or Location Event categories in the Choose a Template Category: field.
    • Group — Select to choose a specific group from the Find a Group pop up list as your template recipient.
    • Selected Group — Select to choose a range of groups between 2 to 100 as your template recipients.
      Note: If you selected Group or Selected Group options, then you must enter a response for these selections.

    Recipient Label *

    Recipient Label is auto-populated when you choose any template recipient option, except the Group option.

  4. Specify one of the following Response Options types:
    • Accept/Decline — Select this option to receive an Accept or Decline notification from the recipients.

    • Multiple Choice Response — Select this option to allow the recipients to respond with multiple types of custom responses.
      • Select the New Response field to enter a text for the response, and select the plus sign to add this response as a choice. You can continue to add more responses, as shown in the following screenshot.

      • If you select this option, you must enter at least one response. The maximum number of responses is limited to 20.
      • You cannot enter responses that are blank, duplicate, or more than 50 characters long.
    • None — Select this option if no response is needed from the recipients.

      Note: The Response Options are not available if you chose a Mass Notification template category.
  5. Specify the following information in the Information Section Content section:
    • Displayed Information — Enter a text up to 500 characters to display as the template information. This field is required as a default when the Sender can edit this field is selected.
    • Sender can edit this — Select this checkbox to allow the sender to edit the message. This checkbox is disabled by default.
    • Form Label — Enter a new label in the Form Label field. User can use the labels as a guide to initiate a conversation and provide some specific information. For example, for a Staff Meeting template, you can configure 3 labels such as Time, Place, and Location. Users initiating the Staff Meeting template will see 3 text areas with the label for which they are required to enter a response.
      The maximum number of the Form Labels supported is 20. You cannot have Form labels that:
      • Have the ^ character.
      • Are blank or duplicate.
      • Are more than 50 characters long.
  6. Specify the Delivery Options section.
    Field Maximum Length Description


    Specify a priority. You can choose one of the following priority types:
    • Normal
    • High
    • Urgent

    Time to Live * ( Minutes)

    99999 minutes

    Specify the duration for which the event message is displayed on the recipient's device.

    Enter Time to Live value in minutes. Default is 10 minutes. The maximum response time value that you can enter is limited to 99999 minutes.
    Note: You cannot enter a negative value for this field.

    Response Timeout (Seconds)

    999999 seconds

    Specify a time for the response time limit. Enter a Response Timeout value until when the recipients can respond to a message or event notification.

    Default response time value is 5 minutes. The maximum response time value that you can enter is limited to 999999 seconds, and the minimum response time value is limited to 10 seconds.

    Note: This field is not available for Mass Notification templates and when Response Option is set to none.

    Confirmation Message


    Enter a confirmation message.

    Exclude Sender


    Choose Yes or No to exclude or include the person initiating the template as a recipient.

    The default value is No. As an initiator of the template, you may want to receive the notifications for certain events and a default No value allows you the receive the notifications.

    In some situations, when you do not want to receive any notifications, you can set the value for Exclude Sender field to Yes. For example, if you are triggering a room cleanup template, you may not want to receive any notifications regarding this event. You can choose Yes to exclude yourself from receiving notification

    Note: This field is not available for Mass Notification templates.
  7. In the Sharing Options section, click Add Group to display the Find a Group dialog box.
    Use the Find a Group dialog box to:
    • Enter the group name in the Group Name field to search for a group in the system.
    • Select multiple groups from the list.
    • Toggle the Facility Name field to view all facilities available in your system and refine your search.
    Note: All members of the groups added under Sharing Options can view the templates on their devices.
  8. Click Find Group in the Administrative Group field to display the Find a Group dialog box.

    Select a Group with members who can send messages and complete alerts, such as a Mass Notification alert.

    1. In the Group Name field, enter the name of the group that you want to share the templates with.
    2. Click Select Group to close the Find a Group dialog box.
  9. Select one of the following to close the New Template page.
    • Save — to add the new template to the system.
    • Cancel — to return to the Templates page without adding a template.