About Vocera Platform Web Console

The Vocera Platform Web Console is a browser-based application that provides a graphical user interface for users to establish default behavior, define system entities such as users and groups, specify workflows, and configure other custom settings for the Vocera Platform.

The Vocera Platform Web Console is an integrated web based application that unifies the capabilities of Vocera Platform Voice Service along with the Vocera Platform Messaging, and Vocera Platform Staff Assignment.

Depending on the role associated with your account, you can access and use the Vocera Platform Messaging Console, Vocera Platform Staff Assignment, or Vocera Platform My Profile applications from the Web Console

After you login to the Web Console you can click through the user interface to performs various tasks.

To hide the left navigation bar, click the expanded Vocera logo.

If the left navigation bar is hidden, click the Vocera logo again to expand it and view the sections.