Voice Cluster

The Vocera Voice Service automatically configures the voice clusters behind the scenes when you configure database clustering. The Vocera Platform uses the same IP addresses to designate the active and standby voice clusters.

In voice clustering, a node relies on the discovery mode to determine if an active node is available. Each standby node in a cluster periodically polls the active node to synchronize transactions. If the standby node does not receive a response within 10 seconds, it assumes that the active node has failed and enters the discovery mode to check the status of other nodes in the cluster.

If no cluster member is active and no other server is in discovery mode, the standby server comes online as the active node and takes control of the cluster. When an active node is discovered, it performs a remote restore and then goes into Standby mode.

Note: Once the voice clusters are configured, you can use the Voice Cluster in Status section of the Vocera Platform Web Console to restart, and monitor the status of the voice clusters.