Uploading Device Logs

Conveniently upload the device diagnostic data for one or more selected Vocera devices.

Using the configuration menu on your Vocera device to upload logs is a bit tedious. You can use the upload logs function in the Web Console to upload the device diagnostic data.

When you upload the badge logs (B3000, B3000n, or V5000), the files are assembled into a single .tar.gz file in the uploads /opt/vocera/logs/badgelogcollector/uploads directory on the Vocera Voice Server. The format of the file name is DATETIME-USERNAME-BADGEMAC-udd.tar.gz.

Similarly, you can upload logs for smartphones using the Vocera Vina application. When you select an Android or iOS phone in the Device Monitor and click Upload Logs, the logs are assembled into a -android.zip or -ios.zip file and uploaded in the /opt/vocera/client-log directory.

The log file name format is USERNAME-DATETIME-ios/android.zip.

  1. Select Device Monitor in the Status section of the navigation bar.
    The Device Monitor page displays with a list of devices.
  2. Select one or more devices and click Upload Logs.
    Depending on the device you selected, you may hear the following message from Genie:

    "Uploading badge diagnostics data, please wait." Once the logs are updated, Genie says, "badge diagnostic upload complete."

    Note: The default refresh timer is paused when one or more devices are selected. When no devices are selected, the timer resumes. You can click Refresh Results to clear all the selected devices and refresh the screen.